Practitioner Information
Eva is a 2007 graduate of  New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics ' 800-hour program in Swedish Massage, introductory Polarity, Reflexology, Herb Studies, TCM, and many other modalities. 

Recently, Eva has started learning Etienne Peirsman's system of Cranio Sacral work . This deep exploration of our inner rhythm and truth has added another layer to the depth of relaxation treatments can bring clients.

In 2017, Eva started working with Neural Reset Therapy® with great results for people with chronic neck, shoulder, back, hip, and leg issues, as well as adhesions from scar tissue.

In 2016, Eva finished a 135-hour certification program in Manual Lymph Drainage and Decongestive Therapy with  ACOLS  (Vodder Technique).

Eva received her certification in Classical Homeopathy in April, 2013 from the  Homeopathy School International in Boulder. She has been interested in homeopathy since 1997 when her first child was born and began formal training the end of 2010. She has regularly been teaching the Introduction to Homeopathy class at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics since May 2013.

Studying under Robert Stevens, founder of Core Synchronism, Eva received certification in Core Synchronism in 2009, in which she is trained up to Level 7 (2013/2015).

Eva is featured in an article   by Emily Rapp about Core Synchronism in the February 2014 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. 

A solid background in dance has given Eva a first hand understanding of kinesiology and the effects of injury as well as its prevention.

Eva works with clients of all ages.

Member of  AIHM  (Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine).
Member of  NASH  (North American Society of Homeopaths).
Eva Lipton-Ormand
Following a treatment with you, my chronic issues shifted - my foot and leg stayed straight 1 1/2 weeks,
the vibration in my pelvic floor is totally gone, and the other pain was gone 6-7 days. Your work is great!

Hi Eva, just letting you know that my treatment was a success. At first my neck was totally better, my shoulder was mostly better but there was still a big twinge when I tried swimming on my back. Within a few days my shoulder got all better. Now I am happily swimming laps for an hour including several on my back. It's such a relief and such a boost to my health when I can exercise at this level. Thank you so much.

That NRT is some amazing stuff. You know when you got up in the back of my skull where it joins the neck, sheesh. I didn't realize how much that was bothering me and making my neck really tense. I can't wait to see you again in two weeks.  You are amazingly sensitive.  I swear, if we ever get to the root of my shoulder thing (I have a feeling it is really deep), and I am able to do fine motor things without wrecking my body, the clouds are going to part and the angels start to sing.  And you can retire on your laurels because you will have changed my life (well, you already have actually).  So, please keep being generous with your talents.  The world needs you." Regular Client

I love all of your work and looking forward to a massage again. You have me as a customer for life 😊. 
Thanks so much for your homeopathy remedy. I’ve been dragging along for years with hot flashes and night sweats and much to my amazement your remedy got rid of them. I’ve also stopped having pains in my knees, ankles and legs. So all is going really well.
Thanks again.